• 1:Your native language. 
  • 2:Which languages you know.
    English, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi.  A little Pashtu and Spanish
  • 3:Which languages you are learning, or want to learn.
    I’m still perfecting my Arabic and trying to learn Pashtu
  • 4:Does anyone in your family speak a language that you don’t?
    Yes, my father speaks more than 20 languages fluently mashAllah
  • 5:Your favourite language to listen to.
  • 6:Your least favourite language to listen to.
  • 7:Your favourite word in your native language.
    Burrooooo - it means Get Outta Here, or just ‘Go’
  • 8:Your favourite word in your second language(if you know one).
  • 9:Your favourite word in a language you don’t really speak.
    'patakidon' in Pashtu, it means Wallet lol
  • 10:A list of your favourite words in any language.
  • 11:A song you like in a language other than English.
    Oh theres tons baby.  Hmm, Any Arabic song.  Any Hindi song.  Any Afghan song.  Any Turkish song etc etc
  • 12:If you could pick one language to learn automatically without having to work for it, which language would you choose?
    Pashtu…I’m a disgrace to my family.  And if I already knew that, French!!
  • 13:Have you ever seen a whole movie in a language you don’t understand?
    Yupp - all the time!  I particularly like “Sukar Banat” or Caramel, which is a Lebanese movie I watched when I didn’t understand Arabic.
  • 14:A language you like, but wouldn’t put the effort into learning.
  • 15:Write a short introduction of yourself in a language other than English.

    Salaam, ma fatima astum.  As afghanistan astum wa nafehmahmum ka chee nushta kunum eenjha.  Yeah, buroo khadah hafiz :)
You see their eyes flooding with tears for they recognized the truth.

Surat Al-Mā’idah (The Table Spread), ayat 83. (via eibmorb)